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  • Richard Branson In Conversation With Jane Wales
    Chairman of the Virgin Group Richard Branson is interviewed as part of the philanthropy forum. Towards the end, Jane asks Richard this wonderful question: “What are the qualities of the …
  • Starting a Startup (Step 4) - Day to Day
    Overview discussion about the day-to-day legal matters that a startup typically faces as it launches and prepares for external funding
  • Starting a Startup (Step 5 of Six) - IP Strategy
    Discussion about the issues startups face with respect to intellectual property hygiene and IP protection (patents, trademarks, copyrights)
  • Starting a Startup (Step 6a) - Seed Funding
    Discussion about the common structures for infusing seed debt or equity capital into a startup, and the related material
  • Starting a Startup (Step 3): Other Persons
    Step 3, (the fourth video) is a discussion about the relationships between a startup company and early employees, consultants, advisors and Board members, with a focus on the economic …
  • Starting a Startup (Step 2) - Founder's Equity
    In this third video, Buddy discusses the founder’s relationship with the startup, including establishing founder’s equity allocations, vesting, treatment upon change of control, and …
  • Starting a Startup (Step 1b of 6) - Formation
    The second video in this great series, this one has discussion about the issues to think through when forming an emerging company startup, including type of entity, jurisdiction of formation, and …
  • Starting a Startup (Step 1a)
    One of the leading law firms for entrepreneurs has created a series of videos to help you get started. This is the first in the series. Highly recommended.
  • Here's David Heineimeier Hansson
    There are some great entrepreneurs out there, and David Hannson in definately one of them. The creator of Ruby on Rails, and a partner at 37 Signals, in this presentation at Stanford, he offers …
  • Startonomics 2009 Videos
    The Startonomoics conference was held in LA this year (2009) and a great set of videos are available for those of you who didn't make it. The focus on startups was enhanced by presentations from …
  • Customers First at Amazon
    Normally we would just post the YouTube video. But I think it's worth while to also see the comments that this particular video generated. Amazon and Jeff are a great success, and as such, …
  • The Story of Twitter
    The first thing I noticed as the video came on about Twitter was how young Biz Stone really is. Then I realized that only from someone not enmeshed in the system could a new paradigm be …
  • Creating an Economic Space—Entrepreneurship and Social Change
    A plenary session at an amazing Philanthropy forum, here’s a chance to be there, even if you were not, and hear from a leading Entreprenuer:

    Moderator: Judy Woodruff, Senior …

  • YouTube - SEO Best Practices
  • Designing a Website
    If you are a start-up, this slide show has some interesting points. From a talk Jeffrey gave at the February 2009 Startup2Startup dinner, the opening slides are a bit unintelligible, but …
  • Everyone Is An Entrepreneur
    Here's a compelling video by one entrepreneur you should surely know: Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Speaking with Charlie Rose, he talks about the phenomenal growth of social networking, and …
  • Entrepreneur Funding
    In the Distinguished Innovator Lecture, Ian Sobieski and William Payne offer information about funding that is great for entrepreneurs.
  • An interview with Google's CEO Eric Schmidt
    Google CEO Eric Schmidt is interviewed in this video about Strategy and Innovation. It’s always great to learn from those who have succeeded.
  • Damodaran On Beta Risk
    Here’s an video of Professor Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance from the New York University Stern School of Business, talking about beta risk.
  • Rose Tech Ventures - The Pitch Coach
    Here’s a great video that gives some pointers on making a successful pitch of your company. The pitch is key to raising money, and it’s worth taking time to perfect your message.