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  • Online Spreadsheet
    IT's not just Google that allows you to put spreadsheets on line. Here's a worthy competitor: EditGrid not only offers all the standard spreadsheet tools but it also adds features such as …
  • Keyword Tracking Tool
    Part of any good marketing strategy is to hone in on the keywords that will bring you the revenue you want. Keyword spy works in two ways. One is to help you see what your competitors think are …
  • Quantcast
    The key to building a successful Internet business is to know your traffic. Here’s a neat website that will reveal your performance in an easy to read graphical format. Free to use, and you …
  • Low cost usability testing -
    A great way to find out how your website is seen by users, and fix what is not working. Very affordable.
  • - Move Your Business Online
    FastDue is a free, secure online suite of business productivity tools with instant invoicing and collections, a robust easy-to-use tracking and management system. It has a live, interactive …
  • BizEquity - What's Your Business Worth?
    A novel on-line Software as a Service that helps you understand the value of your company. They also have an informative blog that keeps up with new businesses.
  • Sign it Green. The DocuSign Eco-Challenge
    If you are wondering how to lessen your paperwork, consider on-line signatures. Here’s one software as a service.
  • Online Invoicing, Time Tracking and Expense Service
    Here’s an easy-to-use tool that lets you invoice for your services. While you may not need it for your on-line web business, there may be times where you are also acting as a consultant, or …
  • Simple online bookkeeping software
    If you are starting a business, and can’t invest the time in learning a full-out accounting system, then Bootstrap, along with another product, FreshBooks, might be a great solution for you. …
  • Incorporate a Business or Form a Corporation
    Here’s an interesting on-line service to let you set up your business on line.
  • Cash Flow Analysis, Budgeting, and Financial Projection Software
    Cash Flow analysis can be time-consuming but without it, it’s like driving a car without a gas gauge. Here’s a handy tool to help.
  • Forms in Word: Federal Forms in Microsoft Word
    Here’s a nifty product that has an alphabetical index to Government agencies and provides the forms in MS Word, so you can fill them out electronically.
  • Online Document management and Workflow
    We’ve talked about going paperless, and here’s a product that takes it one step further, creating a link between your paperless papers, and the accounting system you use, so that, for …
  • Search Free Apps
    A website that lets you search for free applications that your business may need. Each app has been screened and reviewed.
  • EASi: The New Standard in Stock Option Expensing Software
    Here’s another software option for creating cap tables and managing the stock options that you issue. It’s good to evaluate several products before selecting one, as the transfer of …
  • eProsper - Corporate Equity Management
    One of the several solutions available for creating cap tables and all the associated reports required for managing the equity in your company.
  • Employee Performance Management Software
    SuccessFactors has performance management software that you can access via the Internet. If helps you know if you are getting the best out of your staff by providing standardized evaluation tools.
  • Remember everything.
    Note taking gets easier and easier, but the decision about what technology to use can get harder as there are so many out there. First figure out what you want to do, create a check list, then …
  • One Note
    Here’s a software product from Microsoft, as their entry into the note-taking arena.
  • SynchSource
    Business strength Open Source for Organizational Modeling and HR