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  • Selecting a Business Law Firm
    From years of working with start-ups, and starting our own business, we have created a few principles to help in the process of selecting the right law firm to work with you.
  • Separation Pay & Agreement
    Offering severance pay is a way of professionally terminating an agreement where everyone feels okay about a situation that could be distressing.
  • Finding and Working with a Mentor
    Being a successful entrepreneur is all about learning, and finding a mentor who can teach you the ropes is a real gift. From my own experience of finding a great mentor, and later, becoming a …
  • Positioning Your Product
    Positioning is more of an art than a science, and is usually an iterative process, as you refine your positioning based on market feedback. Here are some basics:
  • Entrepreneur Finances
    Here are some of our personal observations on being a successful entrepreneur, and staying solvent.
  • Terminating an Employee
    If termination becomes necessary, always follow HR best practices in order to reduce the company’s risk around the termination and to demonstrate compassion towards the employee.
  • On-Line Payroll Services
    Setting up payroll via an outsourced, on-line company is a great timesaver.
  • Press Release Basics
    Never underestimate the power of a great press release to drive traffic and build brand recognition.
  • Leadership Principles
    Can you define leadership? Do you know how to embody it and find others who do as well? This is critical in starting or growing a business.
  • Compensation: Cash or Equity?
    You have lots of equity, but little cash. When should you use the equity for your employee compensation?
  • Holding a Company Retreat
    At key points in the life cycle of a company, it is essential to build cohesion among team members.
  • Outsourcing Accounting Services
    What does it look like to outsource your accounting services? Here’s Spartina’s experience:
  • How to Pick a Bank For Your Internet Startup
    Learn the basic principles for evaluating and selecting the right bank for your new Internet startup business