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  • Legal
    Getting expert legal help to guide you through the early stages of formation and funding, and then helping you create a perfect exit, is part of a great business strategy.
  • Human Resources
    Great people build great products. Hire great people and you’ll have a great exit.
  • Marketing Overview
    Good marketing decisions depend on knowing how to get the most revenue for your marketing dollar.
  • Management
    Even if you are new to managing a business, you can make smart decisions by following in the footsteps of others who have succeeded.
  • Lean and Clean Staffing
    Whether you are launching a new business or growing an existing one, the biggest run on money is often the HR costs. Spartina’s philosophy, echoed by successful entrepreneurs, is: Keep it small.
  • Finance
    Good financial decisions are the heartbeat of your new business. Without them you can neither survive nor thrive.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Advertisers and Publishers
    A good revenue stream is the world of affiliate programs, which are definitely worth the investment of time.
  • Make Friends, Make Money
    Here’s another good reason not to hole up in your office… meeting people creates support you can’t do without.
  • Writing a Welcome Letter
    Be sure to take time to welcome a new employee and start them out on the right foot.
  • Note Taking Basics
    Combine note-taking skills with technology aids and you win all around.
  • New Business Formation Checklist
    It can seem overwhelming when you start a new company, trying to track all the steps. Here they are in a list.
  • Successful Board Meetings
    Here are a few principles from Spartina to create a successful board meeting, besides the obvious: hold them regularly.
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Opt-Out
    There are some interesting options for dealing with owners and shareholders, where you can actually opt out of the insurance, which has an impact on your expenses.
  • Out of the Gate Product Development
    Do you spend time planning on paper, or deploy and modify as you go along?
  • Setting Product Goals
    After you read the overview article on setting goals, you are ready to set the goals for your product. In this article we fine tune the goal-setting process by looking at the questions you need to …
  • Compliance Primer
    Human Resources is one of the biggest expenses a new or growing company might have. It can also be one of the biggest ‘headaches’ if you have not done your homework in the area of compliance.
  • Goal Setting: The Big Picture
    As part of your management strategy, you want to set a vision, mission, and achievable goals. We start by understanding goals in general, with Spartina’s principles.
  • Independent Contractor or Employee?
    Leveraging contractor services can help your cash flow as your start your company, if you know the rules.
  • Employee Theft & Financial Controls
    If you think you are always safe from employee financial theft, think again.
  • Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle
    There are upsides and downsides to being an entrepreneur. Hopefully they all balance out, and lean towards the up.