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  • Get to Know Marc Andreessen
    Among the people to know in Silicon Valley and the tech world, Marc Andreessen leads others.
  • Road to Recovery
  • Favorite Quotes
    Let the words of other successful entrepreneurs inspire you.
  • Reactive Management – Not!
    There does come a time when you might need to relinquish being the CEO and just start a new company. Here’s why:
  • Why Aren’t We Billionaires Too?
    What stands between you and a billion dollars?
  • Weathering the Storm
    What are you doing as the world swirls in fear? Here are some tips to keeping sane and healthy, both personally and for your business, during the economic downturn.
  • Spartina's Selection of People to Know
    Contrary to the old adage, it’s not who you know, but who you know about, that will help you make the most of your business.
  • The Practice of Giving
    To give to others who are in need is part of being alive. Even animals know how to be generous. Learning to overcome our fears around giving is not that hard.
  • Make Friends, Make Money
    Here’s another good reason not to hole up in your office… meeting people creates support you can’t do without.
  • Finding and Working with a Mentor
    Being a successful entrepreneur is all about learning, and finding a mentor who can teach you the ropes is a real gift. From my own experience of finding a great mentor, and later, becoming a …
  • Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle
    There are upsides and downsides to being an entrepreneur. Hopefully they all balance out, and lean towards the up.
  • Entrepreneur Finances
    Here are some of our personal observations on being a successful entrepreneur, and staying solvent.