Operations for Technology Startups - SaaS & Software

  • Sign it Green. The DocuSign Eco-Challenge
    If you are wondering how to lessen your paperwork, consider on-line signatures. Here’s one software as a service.
  • Search Free Apps
    A website that lets you search for free applications that your business may need. Each app has been screened and reviewed.
  • Remember everything.
    Note taking gets easier and easier, but the decision about what technology to use can get harder as there are so many out there. First figure out what you want to do, create a check list, then …
  • One Note
    Here’s a software product from Microsoft, as their entry into the note-taking arena.
  • Project management, collaboration, and task software: Basecamp
    Spartina uses BaseCamp to manage its projects, and has found it extremely effective in saving time and keeping things organized.
  • KeePass Password Safe
    A link to Open Source software that allows you to manage all your passwords. Caveat: This software is Windows-compatible only. However, their website does offer a link to someone else’s …
  • Subscription Billing
    Zuora is the first on-demand company focused solely on subscription businesses. Our first application, Z-Billing, allows businesses to quickly launch new products and pricing, scale operations, …