Marketing Resources for Internet Businesses - Web Articles

  • Business Models on the Web
    Here’s an in-depth look at business models, with a good focus on the internet businesses, which have their own unique revenue and cost implications. There’s also a fabulous podcast of …
  • User Interface Redesign
    How often should you redesign your user interface? And, how do you get your users to move with you? Jakob's article addresses this issue very clearly and succinctly. Take a look at it …
  • Co-registration for Marketing
    Co-registration is a mechanis where you pay on a per-name basis to have one of your marketing pieces such as newsletter subsription etc presented to another organization's Website visitors. While …
  • Early-stage Marketing
    Here are the slides from the marketing presentation at the FB Fund incubator summer camp. Presenting their insights on how to get marketing buzz for early stage start-ups, are Jeremiah Owyang, …
  • Landing Page
    The landing page is a critical element in your website conversion. Whether it is your home page, or a page that you direct people do on your paid and unpaid ads, people have expectations about …
  • Affiliate Marketing
    For a tech startup, an easy source of revenue can often be using affiliate channels. It does take some work to find them, get them signed up, and pick the ones who reach your target audience. …
  • Beware of Scams Promoting SEO
    The emphasis on good SEO (search engine optimization) for a money-making website is huge. Along with that comes the unsavory side— everyone jumps on the bandwagon …
  • Social Media Marketing - 6 Tips to Succeed in Social Media

    Social Media marketing is becoming a key to success for your Internet business. Find out how to make it work. Startup Nation has a series of articles on this theme and each article addresses …

  • Twitter Link Tracking Metrics - How Far Does a Twitter Tweet Go?
    This article gives us to good pieces of information. First, it is true that being mentioned via Twitter drives traffic to your site. And second, there are tools out there to help you measure just …
  • How to Build a Small-Business Web Site, Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
    As many as half of the small businesses now in operation have no Web sites, a figure that should spur more business owners to action, especially in today’s economic environment. There are …
  • Five Rules for High Impact Web Analytics Dashboards
    If you are building your dashboard, this article may help you streamline the effort and get the data you really need to manage your Internet business.
  • Marketing Metrics: What to Measure in Marketing Part II - Website Metrics
    Website metrics can be a mystery or a miracle, depending on how much time you put into understanding them. Too many numbers is not the answer. This article strips out the mystery.
  • Making Dashboards More Productive - Google Analytics Dashboard Case Study
    It’s all about the numbers, and you don’t know the numbers until you create an adequate dashboard to reveal them. Here’s some help.
  • About Affiliate Marketing
    One of the leaders in Affiliate Marketing, Commission Junction makes an effort to educate advertisers about how this kind of marketing works.
  • How to Make the Web More Social
    With social networking growing, it is important to consider how to integrate this into your own website, in order to build community and expand your reach. Google’s Joe Kraus offers his …
  • The Big Conference Launch: How to Stand Out from the Crowd
    What is good Public Relations? In addition to writing press releases, and giving good demos, this article looks at PR from a wholistic point, especially for new start-ups trying to garner some …
  • The Rebuilding and Scaling of
    Here’s a good luck at sizing your product.
  • How to price your web application
    Pricing is key to success… too low and you spin your wheels, too high and you are priced out of your market. Here’s an article aimed toward the on-line arena.
  • An Introduction to SEO Best Practices - Search Engine Watch
    A good starting point for understanding Search Engine Optimization considerations for your website.
  • Web Apps 101: Your Three Point Success Plan
    Before you build your product, you must know who you are aiming it at, and where it is positioned. Here’s a great article.