Marketing Resources for Internet Businesses - Videos

  • Startonomics 2009 Videos
    The Startonomoics conference was held in LA this year (2009) and a great set of videos are available for those of you who didn't make it. The focus on startups was enhanced by presentations from …
  • Customers First at Amazon
    Normally we would just post the YouTube video. But I think it's worth while to also see the comments that this particular video generated. Amazon and Jeff are a great success, and as such, …
  • YouTube - SEO Best Practices
  • Designing a Website
    If you are a start-up, this slide show has some interesting points. From a talk Jeffrey gave at the February 2009 Startup2Startup dinner, the opening slides are a bit unintelligible, but …
  • YouTube - 4.1.7 Dave McClure - Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!
    An excellent video to simplify metrics, and point out how to look at just 5 important measurements. Also see the slide show by the same title.
  • YouTube - 16 Million Facebook users in 10 weeks
    Ever wonder how a business grows in an unprecedented fashion? Here’s an inside look.