Human Resources for Internet Businesses - Articles

  • Involuntary Termination Practices for Small Businesses
    If your small business doesn’t have an HR department, it falls to you to take care of details for terminating an employee.
  • Outsourcing HR Services
    A great money saving and time saving idea is to outsource your HR department to an on-line company. Here’s how it works:
  • Managing A Virtual Staff
    Sara Fell, CEO of Flexjobs, offers four key principles for managing a virtual staff.
  • Designing Incentive Compensation
    Here’s a way to get you excited about paying out bonuses…tie them to exciting goals.
  • Pre-emptive Layoffs
    When the economy is struggling, timing is everything in keeping your business afloat, or as Jason points out, you can’t be too early, but you can be too late.
  • A Piece of the Action: Phantom Stock
    Is there another way to encourage and compensate employees besides giving up a piece of the company? Here’s what our “growth guru” Russ has to say.
  • Finding Top Employees Using Employment Agencies
    While it is obviously easy to find people using the Internet, and we highly support that, there is also satisfaction in working with good recruiters.
  • Writing an Offer Letter
    Putting everything in writing is not just paranoia, but good common sense, and the offer letter is no exception. Handshakes must be followed by documentation.
  • Human Resources
    Great people build great products. Hire great people and you’ll have a great exit.
  • Lean and Clean Staffing
    Whether you are launching a new business or growing an existing one, the biggest run on money is often the HR costs. Spartina’s philosophy, echoed by successful entrepreneurs, is: Keep it small.
  • Writing a Welcome Letter
    Be sure to take time to welcome a new employee and start them out on the right foot.
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance Opt-Out
    There are some interesting options for dealing with owners and shareholders, where you can actually opt out of the insurance, which has an impact on your expenses.
  • Compliance Primer
    Human Resources is one of the biggest expenses a new or growing company might have. It can also be one of the biggest ‘headaches’ if you have not done your homework in the area of compliance.
  • Independent Contractor or Employee?
    Leveraging contractor services can help your cash flow as your start your company, if you know the rules.
  • Separation Pay & Agreement
    Offering severance pay is a way of professionally terminating an agreement where everyone feels okay about a situation that could be distressing.
  • Terminating an Employee
    If termination becomes necessary, always follow HR best practices in order to reduce the company’s risk around the termination and to demonstrate compassion towards the employee.
  • Compensation: Cash or Equity?
    You have lots of equity, but little cash. When should you use the equity for your employee compensation?