Finance Resources for Internet Businesses - Web Articles

  • Stimulus: How it Affects Small Business Taxes
    This CNN article, via our accountants Linkenheimer LLP, has pros and cons of the current Stimulus package. Read the entire article or, here are …
  • New Tax Tips for Businesses - Business Tax Deductions
    Here are 11 changes in the tax system that will affect you as a small business. Be sure your accountant is up to date on the 2008 rules.
  • Cost of Business Tax Preparation
    What can you expect to pay for having someone file the taxes for your small business? There are a number of variables. How complicated is the return? And does the CPA
  • Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center
    As you begin your tax review for your small Internet Business, start with the source. The IRS has a section of their website just dedicated to tax issues for small …
  • What To Do If Your Startup Is About To Fail
    Here is yet another truly helpful article by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis on keeping your business going, or letting it go. He makes several great points about entrepreneurs gaining credibility …
  • Alaska InvestNet : For Entrepreneurs
    This site has an incredibly well-written and easy to understand set of documents. Of particular note is the explanation of Cap Tables. We highly recommend reading the document and working with the …
  • Raising Capital For Startups
    In this presentation that was created for the FBFund Incubator, Joe talks about closing the deal when you are approaching investors to raise capital. In his slides, he gives a timely reminder to …
  • File For Your Tax Extension
    Get an IRS approved 6 month tax extension with no excuses needed. Visit
  • Tax Return Preparer Fraud
    As long as you are thinking about Taxes, perhaps it is worth a glance at the IRS page that talks about the care you need to take in reviewing your returns when they are …
  • Great News For Company Founders - New Stock Class
    Adeo Ressi is turning into a kind of paladin for entrepreneurs. The founder of controversial site TheFunded, which lets entrepreneurs anonymously rate venture capitalists, is drawing attention for …
  • Convertible note
    Convertible notes and bridge financing are often used to get early money for the start-ups. This article offers some of the legal points of view, and has great explanations for the in’s and …
  • Financial Models for Underachievers: Two Years of the Real Numbers of a Startup
    Financial models can be tedious or fun. The fun part comes when you can see how a winning company has used a model to trace its steps. Here’s a great analysis by Guy Kawasaki on the …
  • Term Sheets - First Round
    There is no way you can know too much about term sheets, so when we find a good explanation of some aspect we like to share it with our readers. In this article by Chris Dixon, he addresses some …
  • Tax Fraud
    Here’s the IRS look at what constitutes tax fraud.
  • Investor Relations: Annual Reports and Proxies
    Check out the letters from Jeff Bezo to the investors. Start with 1997 and see how a pro keeps his investors informed. You might also want to read our related article on writing a quarterly …
  • Shareholder Letters
    A great example of an investor letter. See our article on investor updates for tips on creating your quarterly letter.
  • An Overview of Business Forms and Federal Tax Law
    Here’s a quick overview of the federal tax law for a variety of small business formations, as well as some links to other informative articles.
  • Procure-to-Pay Best Practices
    Be alert to how you pay your vendors and you may find yourself saving a ton of money. Here’s a survey that Visa did. Of course, it emphasizes using credit cards, (duh..) but there are lots …
  • Start with Nothing, Planning and Strategy Article
    Another excellent resource for understanding how to start your business before you run out and try and raise money from investors.
  • The Bootstrapper's Bible
    A downloadable pdf file all about bootstrapping your business; starting it with little or no money.