Finance Resources for Internet Businesses - Books

  • Fool's Gold?: The Truth Behind Angel Investing in America
    The tile seems a bit provocative, and one thinks that the book will debunk Angel Investing. However, the table of contents shows that there is a serious look at the subject.
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
    While this is quite pricey, it is less than taking the university course that uses this book as a text. The a-z of finance for the start-up.
  • Bootstrapping Your Business
    When should you take investor money to grow your business, and when do you go it alone for a while? This book lays out some of the ways to grow yourself first, before going out to investors.
  • Term Sheets & Valuations
    The holy grail of term sheets.
  • Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation
    While this is more for the investor, rather than the entrepreneur, it is always helpful to understand the point of view of the investors, if you are hoping to get them to invest in your company.