Finance Resources for Internet Businesses - Articles

  • Creating a Chart of Accounts
     Creating a chart of accounts can seem mysterious, if you just let your accountant do it. Here are some practical points to help de-mystify the process.
  • Understanding Valuation
    Raising capital is an art; and understanding how to set a value on your new company is even more subtle. Here’s a look from an expert.
  • Increasing Revenue
    Spartina's interest in Internet Business Models is a hot topic, as the videos from this recent Revenue BootCamp show.
  • Raising Money from Angel Investors
    It’s important for entrepreneurs seeking angel investments to understand the different types of angel investors, the nature of angel investment groups, and what it takes to approach them …
  • Incubators and Funding for New Businesses
    The Founder's Institute offers incubators for new businesses with protection for the founders through their F-class stock.
  • How to Hook an Angel
    Even in a tumultuous economic environment, there are still tried and true methods to selling your business idea to a potential investor.
  • Putting Yourself Out There: Raising Money
    One way to get investment money for your company is to be sure that investors can find you. Here are a few Internet sites to know about.
  • Finding Seed Money
    Several big players now offer significant packages to start-ups that are just in the incubation stage. Spartina summarizes your options and how to apply.
  • Term Sheets: Understanding Valuation
    Term Sheets are a complex subject. Here’s a starting point to help you attract investors by considering appropriate valuation for the company.
  • Convertible Note: Early Sale
    Early Sale, Change of Control and other terms important to a Convertible Note
  • Convertible Note: Note Round
    Important facts to consider about the note round include size and closing date
  • Convertible Note: Cap
    Questions to consider for the Cap in a Convertible Note:
  • Convertible Note: Warrants
    Understanding warrants as part of a convertible note variable for financing your startup.
  • Convertible Note: Conversions
    Explanations of conversion, automatic conversion and conversion discount as it applies to convertible notes.
  • Convertible Note: Interest Rate; Duration & Maturity Date
    Explanation of Interest Rate, Duration and Maturity Date as it applies to convertible notes used for financing your startup
  • Raising Money using a Convertible Note
    In-depth look at the questions to consider when looking at a convertible note to raise money for your internet business.
  • Maintaining a Cap Table
    The moment you move beyond sole proprietor, and gather investors, is the moment that you must have cap tables under your belt. Don’t wait to start learning.
  • Building an Angel Investment Portfolio
    As an entrepreneur, it’s good to know how the minds of the angel investors work, and why they give you pressure on valuation. Here’s a talk given by Spartina Chairman David Hehman …
  • Small Business Taxes: How to File For An Extension
    If you are a small business not expecting to pay taxes, you may want to file an extension for the paperwork.
  • Make Your Tax Simpler
    What can you do to simplify the paperwork and accounting for taxes on your small business?