Affiliate Marketing: Advertisers and Publishers

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A good revenue stream is the world of affiliate programs, which are definitely worth the investment of time.

The Internet world of advertising and publishing is a new world. Compared to the old days of print, where were there limited numbers of publishers, and a huge cost for ads, today, there are vast numbers of publishing websites, and the cost to advertise your product is quite small.

Most publishing websites will advertise your product on a commission basis; that is, a certain amount is paid back to you each time someone comes to your site, or buys your product, because they saw the ad on a publisher’s site. There is a large range of options determining how much the publisher gets paid, or, another way to put it is, how much it costs you to advertise.

To make it all easy, several Internet services exist to match advertisers with publishers and handle all the details. Here are a few good ones to investigate:

Commission Junction

CJ has been around since 1998, and provides packages for both advertisers and publishers. One of their unique features is that they publish the per-click value metrics, so that when you are considering becoming an affiliate, you can evaluate the previous successes. They have criteria for their advertisers, and they also carefully screen their publishers who agree to a code of ethics, giving the advertiser a sense of confidence.

Link Share

A company with an international reach, Linkshare, founded in 1996, adds consultation and Search Marketing to their offerings to advertisers. Their network includes a number of big, Fortune-500 companies.


A relatively newer player (2000), ShareaSale offers a high-performance network of affiliates. They have a start-up fee of $550 and they get 20% of your affiliate revenue, or a minimum of $25/month.

For more information on how affiliate advertising works, check out the FAQ section on Commission Junction.

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