Going Paperless

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Spartina believes that the time is now to get rid of paper, but keep the ability to find it. Here’s a web service that has read our minds!

Going Paperless: Oh, what a lovely idea! The trees would thank you, your staff would thank you, your trash collector would thank you, and you would thank! Spartina loves going paperless. It seems we drown in paper day after day. No sooner are the files emptied then a batch of new papers arrive.

You may not be able to keep the paper from coming in, but you can surely it out of the office. So we are grateful for a site like Pixily.com. They want to lead the way in the paperless revolution, and Spartina is cheering them on. They take all your valuable papers, scan them and organize them so that you have the information accessible on-line, without heaps of papers floating around your office.

There are two options: they scan it, or you scan it. We recommend letting them scan, as the scanning process is time-consuming and often fraught with errors such as paper jams. Amazing… they even pay the postage! And, they send the docs back, which allows you to have confidence that the paper gets shredded

If you have digital documents, you can include them in your on-line storage as well. (Remember to thank those who were smart enough to send you the digital versions in the first place.)

Once your documents are on-line, Pixily offers search options, as well as the ability to create categories. Sometimes the software feels like it reads your mind, and knows exactly how you handle paper. For example, do you know how you usually just put a unsorted bunch of papers in a pile that you don’t want to deal with? Pixily will remind you that you haven’t categorized/labeled documents, and lets you do so.

Spartina gives a thumbs-up to this easy-to-use and essential on-line service. Check it out at Pixily.com

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