Putting Yourself Out There: Raising Money

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One way to get investment money for your company is to be sure that investors can find you. Here are a few Internet sites to know about.

As we hit an unprecedented tightening of the credit market, it’s even more important for technology entrepreneurs to have a really wide net for finding funding. Once you have created your “elevator pitch,” how do you get the right investors to find you? The Internet has several great sites that bring investors and entrepreneurs together. Here are a few of our favorites:

TechCrunch Elevator Pitches

This is where founders and CEOs get a chance to pitch their startups directly to you, the TechCrunch audience. Readers vote “the best pitches up and the stinkers down,” and can comment on the businesses.

Voice of the Entrepreneur

Vator.TV offers a social network for both the entrepreneur and the investors. One of their sections has a place for your elevator pitch. They also use a rating system for members to rate the businesses. In addition, they categorize the various businesses for easy access by category.


Funding Post offers services including getting you set up for a 15 minute presentation in front of investors, as well as national competitions, and on-line searches. You can search an investor database, and investors can search an entrepreneur database. Fees are charged when a match is made.

Fast Pitch Network

This multi-lingual site is a social networking tool for businesses, as a way of building a community around your business interests. It is attempting to replicate the face book model, but rather than focusing on a person, it focuses on your business, with features like adding press releases and content to your profile.

Linked In

Another way to get yourself to investors is to find them yourself. For example if you are a member of LinkedIn, you can search for “angel investors” and then, use the results to email your pitch to the relevant people.


YouNoodle is a place to discover and support the hottest early-stage companies and university innovation. Also a social networking tool just for start-ups, you can search for other start-ups, or add your own company, and build a network.

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