Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

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There are upsides and downsides to being an entrepreneur. Hopefully they all balance out, and lean towards the up.

Embarking on starting your own business, after all is said and done, is a very personal choice. You definitely give up a great deal of security. You also give up reliance on external motivation. You have to tell yourself what you will do each day and how you will do it.

It can be exhilarating to find yourself in charge of yourself, or, you can feel like a fish out of water. No matter how you feel, you will find others who have gone through the same thing, from “This is great..” to “What was I thinking?”

Our best advice is to stay in touch with your initial motivation, as that will keep you going for the long haul. What was your dream? And how will you feel when you make it come true? What difference will your company make to the world? Then go forward.

Read the chapter on Personal Rewards and Costs in High Tech Start Up, to get a good reality check on what’s in store. Then, don’t look back.

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