Outsourcing HR Services

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A great money saving and time saving idea is to outsource your HR department to an on-line company. Here’s how it works:

Outsourcing essential HR services to companies with an on-line interface is cost-effective when you are starting out, and would rather put your hiring dollars into technical and product staff. You can outsource your HR department and rest assured everything is being taken care of.


HR costs are mounting, not just salaries, but the overhead of paying salaries. TriNet is one of the leading companies who basically provide your company with a complete HR department. TriNet administers all aspects of the legality of human resources: paying the salaries, taxes, health benefits, hiring and termination, and compliance with HR laws.

All the interaction for both employees and executives is via their on-line interface. This includes updating personal information, adding employees, and tracking leave. They have expert guides and templates to help you make strategic decisions and take action, such as creating an employee handbook, creating a benefit plan, and determining HR policy. They will do a full audit of your company and report on any HR compliance weakness. Your company is also assigned a highly trained, HR consultant and account manager, who is available to answer your questions and guide the process.

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Other HR Outsourcing firms

From: Geof Wilkens, 03/04/11

Agreed on everything in your article... HR outsourcing is becoming more and more of a must for small and medium sized business... I Just want to give a shout out to some competing Hr outsourcing firms, as Trinet isn't the only game in town. My employer uses Doherty HR ( http://www.dohertyhro.com ), and some others I've heard good things about are: TritonHR, ADP, and Administaff.