Outsourcing Mail Services for Your Small Business

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Outsourcing essential services to companies with an on-line interface is a cost effective to handle common tasks. Here’s a look at a mail service.

Outsourcing essential services to companies with an on-line interface is cost-effective when you are starting out, and would rather put your hiring dollars into technical and product staff. You can outsource your HR department, your financial department and other key operational services. With the United States Postal Service talking about cutting back delivery, services such as Earth Class Mail are becoming hot items. In fact, the legendary Swiss Post now trusts Earth Class Mail to deliver the postal goods in several countries in Europe.Here’s more about the service we at Spartina use:

Earth Class Mail

One of the more time-consuming parts of life is reading and sorting mail. Short of hiring an executive secretary and administrative department, there is little you can do to reduce costs. Outsourcing your mailroom can be quite effective. In addition, the use of a digital medium for mail can make the incoming mail more manageable. More importantly, with the advent of global warming, using a digital medium can reduce the paper waste of a company.

With Earth Class Mail, you receive a post-office box or street address that you can offer to all your clients. All the mail you receive at the post-office box is then digitized for you and sent by email. You select which mail you actually want to receive. They will even deposit checks for you.

In addition, they offer a service for forwarding your selected mail to others, or scanning and delivering mail electronically. Simply shred or recycle unwanted mail with a mouse click.

One of the best parts of using EarthClass mail is that you can run your business from anywhere—home, Hawaii, wherever, but your clients, the government and anyone who needs to contact you has a consistent and preferred mailing address. If you are not using a service like this, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

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