It's always a dilemma: go it yourself, or share the work. When you are starting a new business, the idea of a co-founder can be a tough decision, particularly if you are reluctant to share the proceeds of the business. However, I love this quote from the article on NetSetter: "Personally, I am also of the belief that if you’re going to be successful there will be more than enough pie to share around. And if you’re going to flop, then it doesn’t really matter whether you have 100%, 50% or 25% of 0, because it’s all 0 anyway!" That says it all. Stop worrying about losing money that you don't even have yet and focus on what will make your company fly. If you pick the right co-founder, you may up the odds of success, which is what it's all about. In the NetSetter article, the benefits list is huge, from sharing the workload to sharing the investment expense. The article also makes the point that a co-founder should balance your strengths and experience. Above all, trustworthiness is key- you must trust the others, and they you, and, it does help to like them as well!

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