Product Review: Email Marketing with Vertical Response

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Features and benefits of Vertical Response email marketing.

Vertical Response, one of the many leading email marketing sites, offers the ability to create emails, surveys and postcards, and send them to your selected lists. It's easy to  Create, send and track email!

List Capture
Vertical Response has a very easy-to-use set of tools to add a list capture to your website, which includes an opt-in email response, as well as a pop-up thank you or redirect to your page. It is extremely flexible, and you can tailor every aspect of the process, from what it looks like on your webpage, to what the email looks like when it asks for a confirmation. It also includes an option for “Captcha” to prevent the usual invasions by robots, etc, which attempt to sign up on your sight. Overall, this list capture is one of the strongest features on Vertical Response.

Email Creation Tools
To create an email, you can use a Wizard which lets you select templates and customize your email, or you can use their visual HTML editor. You can also upload a pre-built html email, which is useful when you have already created a webpage that reflects your content.

Using the Wizard, in less than five minutes, you can have a very nice looking email, including pictures, links, and logos. Using the HTML editor is a bit more time consuming, although it does let you select from some templates.  In both cases, there are so many choices that a new person might be overwhelmed, as the temptation is to look at what each choice means before making the selection. The easiest way to get it done fast is to just take the simplest options and refine as you go through future campaigns.

You can color match your border, which is very nice. It has rounded borders, which is also great. The one feature I missed is the ability to select rounded borders with a pre-set template.

The other great feature, which we have not seen elsewhere, is the ability to use Spanish templates. While other systems let you upload Spanish text, in Vertical response, everything, including the unsubscribe text, is Spanish, and the accents are kept so that the Spam testing and spelling recognizes the content as Spanish, not English.

As with other email systems, you can upload and store your own images and logo.

Pricing Options
Vertical Response offers a flat monthly rate, as well as a pay-as-you-go. The size of your email list determines your monthly rate, with the lowest being $10/month for 500 addresses and unlimited emails. To use the the “pay as you go” system, you purchase email credits, starting at $.015 per email for up to 1,000 emails (or $15 for 1000) going to .0075 once you get over 100,000 emails per month. And WOW, they offer non-profits 10,000 free emails per month. Kudos to Vertical Response for good deed and clever marketing!

Free Offers
Their free email marketing software is good for 30 days. You are given 25 email credits, which is not particularly high, but enough for you to test out the software templates, send a few test messages and see if you like the product.

Create, send and track email!

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