New Internet Business: OnLine Scheduling for Small Businesses

By Laura Duggan     Add your comments

Here’s a new Internet business that smooths operations in service businesses with a web presence: an on-line appointment scheduling system.

While everyone is bemoaning the state of the economy, there are still entrepreneurs out there who know a good idea cannot be stopped. In difficult economic times, Internet businesses have the best business model, as they require little capital to launch and run, yet can generate revenue right out of the gate. What it takes however, is an idea that will also help other businesses survive tough times.

Here’s one new example: You would think someone had already done this, but in fact, this new site has found one of the many overlooked opportunities for Internet Entrepreneurs: on-line client scheduling.

Their site is geared for professionals who offer a service business, such as trainers, accountants, lawyers, massage therapists… you name it. Anyone whose business involves scheduling appointments with people will love this site. The scheduling features get integrated directly into the website of the people offering the service. This provides one stop for clients: they find the professional, then can book their appointment. HourTown has gone to great lengths to give control to the professionals, including blocking off time, approving the appointments, and promoting their services through adverstising.

Just when you think that everything has already been done on-line, along comes yet another great idea. If you are an entrepreneur thinking about launching your Internet business, why wait? There’s so much more we can do. Just look at HourTown…they leapt, and they will succeed.

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