Venture 360 Report: An Objective Analysis of Your Business

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Getting an objective business analysis attracts investors and helps you steer your business.

Here’s a service that is a win-win for all. Potential investors in your company would love to have an honest evaluation of the business, and North Venture offers a great service for them. However, even better, if you get the report first, you can actually fine tune your business, fix what’s broken and make it even more attractive to potential investors.

Satisfying both of these needs is precisely what North Venture Partners accomplishes. From personal experience, we can say, it works both as an investor, and an owner of a business.

North Venture reviewed of one of our portfolio companies, and we were immediately impressed with the clarity of the business analysis. Each category had a set of criteria, with numeric and comparative ratings. There was a graphical look at the company’s evaluation, as well as competitive insights. And it didn’t take days to read through. It was thorough and simple at the same time.

The principle at work in North Venture’s offering is that investors need a trustworthy filtering device, so that they can spot the companies that meet their investing criteria. Imagine having your business undergo an in-depth analysis by a credible outside team of venture experts. Then, imagine offering the results – a very professional and useful report, detailed in various categories – to angel investors and venture groups. This creates a very solid ground for attracting investors.

At the same time that North Venture offers good insights to investors, their reports are also significant for the entrepreneurs. It becomes a business health report card, so to speak, to see if the business is really ready to go after money, or needs some tweaking first. You get so detailed insight about how to transform your business. In short, North Venture offers a ‘third party objective assessment’ much like you would find when you hire someone to inspect a house before you buy it. However, in this case, the inspection is strictly related to the viability of the company and its product.

As their white paper explains, “North’s product is a human and database-drive due diligence process called the Venture 360 Report. It is a highly informed feedback loop that provides entrepreneurs a rare chance to see their business through the eyes of an actual investor. The Venture 360 Report is a 20+ page document that includes key category scores, notes, insights and comparative data showing how the scores stack up against the other submissions North has reviewed.”

North is a boutique private equity advisory firm providing entrepreneurs and investors with world-class duel diligence and analysis services. For more information visit their website, North Angels

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To download their white paper from Slideshare, click here

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There is a special page where the Spartina discount is applied. This is the link that you would get if you mention Spartina to North, but here is the link directly if you want access. The Link: Cheers, Alex