Making Good Use of Google Tools

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To create a more focused understanding about the market for your new business, take advantage of some web tools by Google.

We have written about using Google Analytics as a way of tracking your business visitors, and using Google AdSense dashboard to understand your income. Here’s a look at how other Google tools can help you with your marketing.


One of the important aspects of Search Engine Optimization for your website is the selection of the right keywords. These keywords drive both the way your write your website, the content, as well as what ads you buy and place.

To select great keywords, use Google’s Keyword Search tool

For example, CoolBizApps focuses on Software as a Service, (SaaS) in the financial area, especially accounting. When we check the various keywords, accounting shows 6 million searches; financial software is 110,000, and SaaS is 368,000.

From this we can see that Accounting is far more popular for Internet searching than SaaS. However, the total of all the searches related to SaaS the number is over 880,000, which is not bad. Since our focus is not just accounting, we can continue to analyze how we can do well in the SaaS market using other Google tools.

Market Growth

To insure that this is a growing market (SaaS tools), we can use Google Trends. Using SaaS as the search word, the graph is showing a gradual upward trend, with lots of spikes. It’s not clear what causes the spikes at this point. However it is heartening to see that there is steady growth. h3. Traffic

As part of a business model for Internet businesses, knowing the potential traffic is key. Again, we can use a Google tool, Traffic Estimator to examine the advertising potential for the terms I am interested in. In this case, if we use SaaS, we can find estimated clicks and the estimated cost to me for each of those clicks. In other words, how much will it cost me to buy traffic? We see that we might get 32-48 clicks per day, at a cost of about $90 to $210. This helps me set a realistic budget for my advertising. It is also apparent this is a very high CPC (Cost per click) word, ranging up to over $4.00. Normally we would buy a targeted term, such as SaaS accounting, because the general terms are quite expensive.


Another key part of creating your business is to know the competition. Again, we can make use of Google by doing our own search on SaaS and seeing how many people are advertising in our market. When we use SaaS as a Google Search, we find only 8 sponsored links, only one is in the same area as we are and there is not a second page of results.

In addition, we can also look at the sites that are most closely aligned in product and assess their strengths and weakness, especially related to how they capture revenue on a click. This includes what they offer for free, whether they capture email addresses, and what their business model appears to be.


There is no substitute for good research before launching a business. Know your market and know your competition. Make use of the free tools on the Internet to help you get some good answers.

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