Business Execution

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Getting to the goal is what good management is all about, and you either do it, or you don’t.

How well are you executing your business? Whether it is against a set of goals, or against a full-blown business plan, investors want to know that you are capable of carrying out concrete steps towards an end.

Here are the main ingredients for successful execution:

1. Know what is important

For example, for an Internet business, the key is traffic + revenue. Your key metrics might be something like Free Traffic, Revenue, Clicks per visitor (CPV) and Gross Margin per visitor (GM/V). Keep your eye on these daily.

2. Have a focused strategy to move the needle

Where ever you are at in your key metrics, the goal is to keep moving. If your free traffic is at 20%, you want it to go up each month. If your Clicks per visitor is at 1000, you want that to go up each month. Staying the same will not get you to your goal.

3. Check-in everyday and measure the results.

In a fast moving Internet world, things change daily. The old model of looking at numbers once a month or once a week is no longer valid. What is happening on your site every day? What is changing? What is working? Know the site.

4. Be aggressive, stay focused and results should follow

If you commit to being focused and aggressively moving the needle, you can’t miss. That is our experience, and we think you’ll find it true for yourself as well.

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