Richard Branson In Conversation With Jane Wales


Chairman of the Virgin Group Richard Branson is interviewed as part of the philanthropy forum. Towards the end, Jane asks Richard this wonderful question: “What are the qualities of the entrepreneur to make social change happen?” He answers honestly and eloquently, talking about the ability to see the need, and distinguishing between the entrepreneur and the manager. He said, “In business you have people who are good entrepreneurs and people who are good managers, and I think I fall in the first category. I am good at seeing where there is a need and where there is a gap in the marketplace and filling that gap, and then finding great people to build and run those businesses.”

Jane mentions the qualities of “Taking risks, being bold, and being willing to fail” and Richard agrees, and adds, the bottom line is that the entrepreneur “says yes rather than no.”

Branson said, “An entrepreneur gets the best people around them, and is good at praising people. They are willing to fall, pick themselves up and fall again.”

A wonderful, short video.

Flash Video. To see it in Windows Media, visit the Philanthropy Forum

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