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Let the words of other successful entrepreneurs inspire you.

In this article, which we will continue to update, we offer the quotations that have inspired our own success in business.

“Perseverance through adversity leads to success.”

“The inconvenience of poor quality lingers longer than the thrill of a bargain.” — seen in an auto parts store.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and a devotion to the things you want to see happen. " —Frank Lloyd Wright

“No is the second best answer to yes…” – anonymous

“The entrepreneurial choice, at its center, is a choice for risk and to be the farm. There is no way in the world that person acting out of a sense of duty and sacrifice will find the strength to take the risky path. The only justification for taking a risk and creating an organization of your own choosing is to do it out of a commitment to something you believe in. In a sense, something that you have to do. The “have to do” comes from inside, not outside. …Demanding that each employee take responsibility for the business would, over time, create a culture of high performers. The entrepreneurial contract makes very difficult demands on people, demands that bureaucratic employees will find hard to live with…." Peter Block, “The Empowered Manager”

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